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Family Learning

What is Family Learning?

Family Learning is where both children and adults are involved in learning activities together and through these shared experiences the culture of learning in the family grows, and the children have a greater opportunity of succeeding in life. Family Learning courses and workshops are funded by Somerset Skills and Learning.

Why Family Learning is Important:

Family Learning at Hinton St George School helps parents and carers improve their self confidence and parenting skills and their ability to help their children learn.

Children benefit because parents become more interested and involved in their child’s school life, learning how to support them more effectively.

Family Learning encourages all the family to participate in life long learning; for some parents it can be the first step towards developing further learning for themselves or engaging in volunteer work or seeking paid employment.

Parents and adults will be encouraged to spend time observing, listening and interacting with their child.

Parents will also find out what we teach in specific year groups, the different methods we use to achieve those objectives and also, more importantly how their child learns at school. Tips will be given on how to help children at home, not only with homework, but how to develop skills during every day activities.

Parental Feedback

“Have learned a lot about how to teach my child to read and ways in which the school teach her, which has meant I can support and work alongside the school helping my daughter.”

“It has been wonderful to spend 1:1 time with my child and observe her in a classroom environment. It has clarified the best ways to help my child as she develops her ability in reading and writing. The course is presented in a relaxed and interesting way.”

“I have really enjoyed and got a lot from this course. It has been great to see how my son has learnt and how concepts are taught in school and it has motivated me no end! He really brings it home and is keen to do more!”

“I love 1:1 with my child at home but to see how my daughter works in school is a fantastic opportunity- n0t to be missed! Thank you.”