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Dear parents and prospective parents,

The governing body of Hinton St George C of E First School is committed to providing the pupils with a rich and varied education and ensuring that each child reaches its potential. The school provides a stimulating, supportive and encouraging environment in which children can grow and develop. The pre-school is an integral part of the school and this ensures that these young children are supported in developing physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually in a way which can be built on progressively as they move through the school.

The number of pupils is comparatively small, and this enables the children to feel part of a close community. They interact well with one another and show concern for each other. The quality of their behaviour is outstanding. The children are well known to the staff, both teaching and non-teaching and this ensures that their needs are met effectively.

As governors we are proud of the standards each of the children achieve. These are higher than national and county averages. The school was judged to be “good” by Ofsted in 2018. Since then the focus on raising standards further has been successful due to the leadership provided by the headteacher and the commitment of the staff.

The school is an important part of the village community and is supported by the community. In particular, the parents and friends’ association (PFA) provides significant financial support which enables the school to improve its facilities, its learning environment and class resources. There is a wide range of after school clubs organised and managed by staff and parents. These further contribute to the rich experience the children receive.​

Kind Regards

Sarah McEvansoneya

Chair of Governors



2022-2023 Full Governing Board of Hinton St. George Church of England Primary School.

Name Type of Governor Term of Office Date stepped down Appointed by Subject link areas and committees Governor roles in any other education institutions and relevant  relationships. Business / pecuniary interests.
Start End
Tim Brawn Co-opted


09.02.2021 08.02.2025 Governing Board ICT

School Council

Church distinctiveness

None. None.
Becky Blunn Staff 19.07.2022 18.07.2026 Elected by staff None. None.
Vacancy Local Authority Local authority appointed
Charlotte Hall Ex-Officio 01.01.2018 On-going Head Teacher Whole school provision. None. None.


Reverend Bob Hicks Ex-Officio Incumbent of Hinton St George. 05.12.2011 On-going Diocese Head Teacher Performance Management



Pay Committee

None. None.
Neil Lukins Foundation governor 25.08.2020 24.08.2024 Diocese Finance

Religious Education

None. None.
Sarah McEvansoneya

(Chair of Governors).

Co-opted 24.09.2018- 23.09.2022 Governing Board Safeguarding




None. None.
Jenny Pithers (Vice-Chair of Governors) Parent 24.09.2018 23.09.2022 Elected by parents SEN and Pupil Premium



None. Ian Pithers Decorating (Spouse).


Alex Peto-Dias Co-opted 10.05.2022 09.05.2026 Governing Board None.
Sarah Malik Parent 15.03.2022 14.03.2026 Elected unopposed None.
Jane Wheeler Community 28.01.2019 27.01.2023 Governing Board Governor training.

Community links


None. None.


Associate Governors
Jane Gifford

(no voting rights).

13.07.2022 12.07.2024 Governing Board Head Teacher Performance Management

Pay Committee

None None
Clerk to the Governors
Ros Fanshawe Clerk 03.09.2020. n/a Governing Board Governing Board. n/a None
Resignations in the past 12 months.
Barry Tyler Co-opted 23.11.2020 22.11.2024 14.12.2021 Governing Board Head Teacher Performance Management Pay Committee Director / shareholder of LEFKTRW UK Ltd.

Treasurer / Trustee of Hinton St. George Reading Room.

Gail Toop Parent 24.09.2019 23.09.2023 09.02.2022 Elected by parents Health and Safety



None. None.
Adam Cashmore Staff 14.07.2020 13.07.2024 19.07.2022 Elected by staff Eco. None None.







Governor attendance 2022-2023

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
P – present 06.09.22 11.10.22 15.11.22 13.12.22 17.01.23 07.02.23 14.03.23 09.05.23 13.06.23 18.07.23.
A – apologies received.
Becky Blunn P P
Tim Brawn P A
Jane Gifford (Associate). P A
Charlotte Hall (Headteacher) P P
Bob Hicks A A
Neil Lukins A P
Sarah McEvansoneya (Chair of Governors) P P
Jenny Pithers (Vice-Chair of Governors) P A
Alex Peto-Dias P P
Sarah Malik A P
Jane Wheeler A A
In attendance.
Ros Fanshawe (Clerk to the Governors). P P
Sam Hughes-Williams (School Business Manager) finance reporting. P P


Governor attendance 2021-2022

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
P – present 21.09.21 19.10.21 16.11.21 14.12.21 18.01.22 15.02.22 15.03.22 10.05.22 14.06.22 19.07.22.
A – apologies received.
Tim Brawn (appointed 9th February). A P A P P P A A P P
Adam Cashmore P P P A P P P P P P
Jane Gifford (Chair of Governors) P P P P P P P P P P
Charlotte Hall (Headteacher) P P P P P P P P P P
Bob Hicks P P A P P P A P P P
Neil Lukins P A P P A P A P A P
Sarah McEvansoneya (Vice-Chair of Governors) P P P P P A P P P P
Jenny Pithers P A A P P A P P P P
Gail Hughes (resigned 15.02.2022). P A P A A
Barry Tyler (resigned 14.11.2021). P A P A
Alex Peto-Dias (co-opted 10.05.2022). P A P
Sarah Malik (elected 15.03.2022). P P P P
Jane Wheeler P A P P P A P P P P
In attendance.
Ros Fanshawe (Clerk to the Governors). P P P P P P P P P P
Sam Hughes-Williams (School Business Manager) finance reporting. A P A P A A P P P P


2020 2021 Attendance

Jane Gifford – Chair of Governors

I trained as a teacher and taught in a number of primary schools in the North East and the Midlands. I taught all year groups from nursery to Year 6. I became a head teacher of a primary school with a nursery and having completed a Master of education degree, was appointed by the Queen in Council to be one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools (HMI). This role required me to inspect schools both state and independent throughout the country.

On retirement I worked for an independent inspectorate specialising in the inspection of small schools in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.  Currently, I edit school inspection reports for the School Inspection Service.

Jane Wheeler – Vice Chair of Governors

I retired from the profession of Financial Planning 3 years ago and am now enjoying retirement . My interests include gardening, travel and family. In the past I have been involved, in a voluntary capacity, in a variety of professional, educational, service and charity organisations. I have lived in Hinton St George for more than 5 years and enjoy being involved with the community.

Rev Bob Hicks – Ex Officio, Incumbent of Hinton St George

I am a Church of England priest.  My wife Julia and I job share the role of Rector for the parishes of Merriott, Lopen and Hinton St George with Dinnington.

We moved here from Bridgwater in September 2011 and I have been a Governor at Hinton School ever since.  Prior to being ordained I have worked as a geologist, environmental scientist, missionary, intelligence analyst, charity fundraiser and as a sales assistant in a wine shop!  When not working as a governor or Rector, I enjoy walking, gardening, travel, reading and photography

​Sarah McEvansoneya - Co-opted Governor

​I have been an Education Welfare Officer for the past 4 years and prior to that have been an Adolescent Support Worker and a Senior Social Work Assistant. I have worked for the LA for the past 14 years and am a serving Magistrate.

Currently I am the Education Welfare Officer for Hinton St George C of E First School as well as being the Education Welfare Officer for another 38 schools across Somerset. I have been associated with the school since 1977 when I first attended the school, my children also attended between 1995 and 2001 and still speak very fondly of the school and their time there. It is important to me that the school continues to thrive due to my long association with it and I believe that I can bring positivity and creativity to the role.

Jenny Pithers - Parent Governor

I have three children, two who attend Hinton, Fletcher in year four and Teddy in year one.  We moved to the area just over three years ago.

I work as a support worker in the community.   I have worked in schools in the past in the role of special educational needs assistant which I really enjoyed and it gave me a real interest in education and how schools are run.

I look forward to being part of the governing body in the role as parent governor, helping the school to maintain its high standards for our children.
I’m friendly and approachable and look forward to getting to know those of you who are new to the school. The school has a lovely community where we all like to help each other and the school.   I hope to be part of continuing that all together.

Neil Lukins

Tim Brawn