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School Council

Welcome to our school council page

Our school council is made up of two children per year group from years 1-6. We hold elections each year and classes vote for the class member to advocate and make contributions on their behalf. 

The chosen school councillors for this year are: 

Year 1: Edie- Rose & Thomas 

Year 2: Noah & George

Year 3: Winnie & Elijah 

Year 4: Bella & Eliza 

Year 5: Archie & Maisie 

Year 6: Nathaniel & C 

The role of our school councillors are:

To meet on a regular basis with Mrs Blunn and make  important decisions about our school. 

To include our fellow classmates in some of the decision making and ensure all voices are heard! 

When asking the children what was important to them within the school council, this was their response. 

“ A safe environment for all the children” – Nathaniel

“ For all of our voices to be heard!” – C

“ To raise money to make our school wonderful and to give to others” – Bella 

This term we are fundraising for new benches for our playground and school in a bag. We would also like to have some plant pots to brighten up the playground area. 

The main aims of the school council:

The school council plays an important role in helping its members develop valuable skills in speaking and listening, teamwork, decision making and problem solving. It’s also successful in helping children to build relationships with adults, peers and the wider community. 

Minutes from school Council meeting May 2023


  • Fundraising for new playground benches (Buddy benches)
  • School in a bag
  • Suggestion box in hall
  • Tidy up team in the playground for new plants?


Action Plan – What we need to do:

  • Research options for new benches
  • Children to design a suggestion box for the hall
  • Ask Mrs Blunn to find out about school in a bag
  • Ask Mr Best/Ms Gray if Forest school can be a part of the tidy up playground and new plants.


Meeting notes: 

  • Children were very excited to find new buddy benches for the playground, we looked on the computer to see the different choices.
  • Each of the class councillors will take back to their classes a template for our new suggestion box for the hall to design.
  • The children were thrilled that we could invite more wildlife into the playground by planting flowers etc.


Review next time: 

  • Suggestion box and choose design to be made.
  • Ask Mrs H-W what budget has been allocated for the benches and what needs to be fundraised.
  • Basketball hoop

Minutes from school council meeting February 2023 


  • Fundraising for school in a bag
  • Coronation of King Charles III


Action plan- what we need to do:

  • Cake sale
  • Book sale
  • Mothers and Father’s Day sale (had in previous years)
  • Flags and pebbles
  • Decorate crowns
  • Make your own poster, master piece or crown!


Meeting notes: 

The children were full to the brim with ideas for both of these events.

The children have spoken with class teachers and the wider community have asked children to paint pebbles for the coronation.

Also, flags will be made and decorated by each class to hang and crowns to be made and judged on the Sunday at the street fair.

The children were very keen to participate in any way possible, great team effort.


Review next time: 

  • School in a bag