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School Council

Welcome to our school council page

Our school council is made up of two children per year group from years 1-6. We hold elections each year and classes vote for the class member to advocate and make contributions on their behalf. 

The chosen school councillors for this year are: 

Year 1: Henry & Willow 

Year 2: Thomas & Tilly

Year 3: Eloise & Matthew 

Year 4: Scarlett & Todd 

Year 5: Evelyn & Mary-Ann 

Year 6: Darcy-May & Tore 

The role of our school councillors are:

To meet on a regular basis with Mrs Blunn and make  important decisions about our school. 

To include our fellow classmates in some of the decision making and ensure all voices are heard! 

When asking the children what was important to them within the school council, this was their response. 

“ A safe environment for all the children” – Nathaniel

“ For all of our voices to be heard!” – C

“ To raise money to make our school wonderful and to give to others” – Bella 

This term we are fundraising for new benches for our playground and school in a bag. We would also like to have some plant pots to brighten up the playground area. 

The main aims of the school council:

The school council plays an important role in helping its members develop valuable skills in speaking and listening, teamwork, decision making and problem solving. It’s also successful in helping children to build relationships with adults, peers and the wider community. 

School council meeting 5th October 2023


  • New school charity for 2023/2024
  • Sport Pupil conference led by Mr Treacher (Sports co-ordinator for the CISP partnership)
  • Pupil voice conference on Mental health/School
  • Mental Health board in the hall
  • Update on the Friendship bench for the playground

Action Plan:

  • School council children to speak to their classes about a new charity to raise money for this academic year.
  • School council children to speak to their classes about the ‘Top ten values in relation to children and their families’.


Meeting notes:

  • Mrs Hall spoke to the school councillors about a new charity to raise money for this academic year, the children will need to go back to their classes and have a class discussion.

Mrs Hall encouraged the children to choose a smaller charity this year and we will discuss at our next meeting. We have supported School in a bag for the past three years.

  • The children were told they had been tasked by Mr Treacher to hold another Pupil voice conference where they discuss the ‘Top ten values in relation to children and their families’. The children will go back to their teachers and classes to discuss this and will bring notes to the next meeting.
  • Mrs Hall discussed with the children the outcome of our Pupil voice conference held back in the summer and that we are working on suitable actions. It was also decided by all that we would hold two a year.
  • We also discussed our new friendship bench for the playground, the PFA have kindly offered to donate money and Mrs Mountain has found a suitable bench. This will be ordered in the next month.

Review next time:

  • Friendship bench
  • Sport Pupil Conference feedback
  • Charity suggestions

Date for the next Pupil voice conference

Minutes from School Council meeting 21st June 2023



  • New mental health boards
  • New mental health check in located in hall
  • School in a bag
  • Friendship bench

Action plan:

  • To ensure children have good understanding of our new Mental health boards and how to use them.
  • To explain school in a bag for children that are unsure.
  • Mrs Hall to ask PFA about funds for new friendship bench in the playground and ask Mrs Mountain to look at costs.

Meeting notes:


  • Mrs Hall and Mrs Blunn met with the School council today and had a discussion about Mental Health, our new boards/check-ins and how we can promote it within our school setting.
  • Mrs Hall informed the children that parents were invited in to have a discussion about Mental health and speaking to the whole school regarding it.
  • The school council were informed we would be having a Whole school pupil voice conference at the end of term in collective worship.

This will happen 3 times a year and gives all the pupils in the school a chance to voice their views.

  • Mrs Hall asked the children to go back to their classes and come up with some questions to raise at the next Collective worship on Friday in preparation for the Pupil conference next month.
  • School in a bag are coming into school next month and will do a short presentation during collective worship and after the school council children will have the opportunity to pack the bags ready to be sent to India.
  • Mrs Hall will email the PFA committee to ask if they have any spare funds to be put towards the new friendship bench in the playground and ask Mrs Mountain to source one and check costings.


Review next time:

  • Questions ready for Pupil voice in July
  • Friendship bench funds

School in a bag

Minutes from School Council meeting May 2023


  • Fundraising for new playground benches (Buddy benches)
  • School in a bag
  • Suggestion box in hall
  • Tidy up team in the playground for new plants?


Action Plan – What we need to do:

  • Research options for new benches
  • Children to design a suggestion box for the hall
  • Ask Mrs Blunn to find out about school in a bag
  • Ask Mr Best/Ms Gray if Forest school can be a part of the tidy up playground and new plants.


Meeting notes: 

  • Children were very excited to find new buddy benches for the playground, we looked on the computer to see the different choices.
  • Each of the class councillors will take back to their classes a template for our new suggestion box for the hall to design.
  • The children were thrilled that we could invite more wildlife into the playground by planting flowers etc.


Review next time: 

  • Suggestion box and choose design to be made.
  • Ask Mrs H-W what budget has been allocated for the benches and what needs to be fundraised.
  • Basketball hoop

Minutes from School Council meeting February 2023 


  • Fundraising for school in a bag
  • Coronation of King Charles III


Action plan- what we need to do:

  • Cake sale
  • Book sale
  • Mothers and Father’s Day sale (had in previous years)
  • Flags and pebbles
  • Decorate crowns
  • Make your own poster, master piece or crown!


Meeting notes: 

The children were full to the brim with ideas for both of these events.

The children have spoken with class teachers and the wider community have asked children to paint pebbles for the coronation.

Also, flags will be made and decorated by each class to hang and crowns to be made and judged on the Sunday at the street fair.

The children were very keen to participate in any way possible, great team effort.


Review next time: 

  • School in a bag

School council meeting 2/11/23




~ New school charity

~ Friendship bench update

~ Cake sale for Children in need

~ Nativity & carol service collection for our chosen charity

~ Spring term – Sponsored something eg: run/silence

~ Tombola – Easter time, Easter bonnet, Easter egg hunt

~ Further discussion with class and teachers around Mr Treachers request.


Action plan:


~ Mrs Hall to speak to Ferne Animal sanctuary about being our new charity for this year.

~ Oak class to design posters for the cake sale

~ Spring term –  for children to go to classes to ask fellow pupils their ideas.


Meeting notes:


~ The school council made a unanimous decision that Ferne animal sanctuary would be our chosen charity for this year,  Mrs Hall will contact Ferne to let them know the great news!

~ Other charity contenders were ‘Friday forget me not group’ (a centre for those suffering with dementia)

And ‘Safe families South West’. The children agreed that we could look at these as possibilities for next year.

~ The new friendship bench has arrived with a big thanks to the PFA and is being well used in the playground.

~ The children asked if we could start raising monies for our chosen charity so a bake sale was organised and student council to run it with donations from parents.

~ We also discussed a collection when the KS1 Nativity play and KS2 Carol service are taking place to raise money.

~ We looked forward to the spring term and the children discussed a sponsored something eg: run/silence and a tombola at Easter time or Easter bonnet/hunt/sale.


Review next time:


~ Update about cake sale

~ Donations from KS1 & KS2 services.